The Logic of SKT and SKY’s Rise

Up to now, the number of USDT in Vast World Exchange Tower has exceeded 10.95 million, and the current exchange cost of SKT is 0.7032 USDT.

Although DAPP was attacked earlier and phishing links stole tokens and a series of negative news, it still did not hinder the progress of the Vast giant ship. The Vast team quickly discovered, dealt with and solved the problem, and technically added various attack protection mechanisms. Adding more humanized functions and settings to ensure the normal operation of DAPP.

In the market, it has now entered an explosive period of comprehensive promotion. Before understanding the SKT and SKY rising logic, first understand the composition of SKT and SKY:


Total issuance: 400 million

Issuance mechanism: exchange tower exchange

Final retention after destruction: 88 million


Total issuance: 80 million

Issuance mechanism: VPOS

Block speed: 5 seconds/block

Block reward: 5 SKY

Production reduction cycle: 90 block days

Production reduction rate: 5%

Destroyed final reservation: 21 million

The rising logic of SKT and SKY

SKT is currently listed on the Senbit exchange, the online price is 0.5U, and the current price is 0.6824U. SKY is currently listed on the ZT exchange, the online price is 0.15U, and the current price is 2.09U.

The total daily trading volume of the two coins currently amounts to millions of U.S. dollars, and the prices are rising little by little. It is still the initial stage of the development of the vast world of Vast. Many people are wondering why these two coins can keep rising. Where is the logic of rising? How high can the future prices of these two coins reach?

First, analyze the mechanism of the two coins.

SKT: It is completely produced by the exchange tower. The only way to obtain SKT in the early stage is through the exchange tower. There is a perfect deflation mechanism on SKT, which does not require any human manipulation and depends entirely on the market: when the price of SKT’s exchange is lower than the price of the currency exchange tower, at this time, the exchange tower will be closed and users cannot perform exchange changes. More SKT, in a disguised form, prevented the circulation of a larger number of SKT.

Users who need SKT can only go to the exchange to purchase. A large amount of market demand and purchase orders naturally hold up the price of SKT due to the small amount of circulation in the early stage. When the exchange price of SKT is higher than the exchange price of the exchange tower, the exchange tower will be opened. At this time, users who need SKT will prefer to exchange at the exchange tower.

SKY: The issuance mechanism is VPOS, that is, users need to use SKT to mine SKY. Similarly, SKY also has a fully autonomous deflationary destruction mechanism:

1. SKY will reduce production by 5% every 90 block days.

2. The USDT in the exchange tower serves as a strong guarantee for the SKY price of the block wormhole. Users can destroy SKY in the wormhole to obtain USDT. While the SKY quantity is destroyed, the circulation is reduced. When the USDT value in the wormhole of the block is lower than the value of SKY daily output, the wormhole is immediately closed. Users will trade SKY on the exchange. The circulation is small and the trading is active, which will cause the SKY price to increase in another stage. When the price of SKY rises, it means that mining income rises. At this time, more people are willing to go to the exchange tower to exchange SKT and start mining. When the USDT value in the block wormhole is higher than the SKY daily output value, the wormhole will open.

To put it simply, the two currencies have performed a phased market flow and balance, and constantly maintains a dynamic balance. The output of the two currencies is completely deflated according to market demand: the market needs inflation for inflation, and deflation is for deflation. The base currency SKT is gradually exchanged for incremental exchange. The market needs to be exchanged, and the market does not need to be exchanged. The child currency SKY has a clear logic to increase and decrease production.

Effective currency holding addresses continue to increase.

The increase in currency holding addresses shows a very important message. At present, the buying volume far exceeds the selling volume, and the consensus is extremely high. The effective consensus entry volume is increasing. The price increase of SKT and SKY is inevitable, and the stability of the vast world of Vast stronger.

This is a world where there is no private equity, no crowdfunding, and all participants enter the market fairly. In this world, it is decentralized, there is no central server, all codes are open and transparent, and are automatically executed by smart contracts, and no one can tamper.

In this world, funds are free, in and out, there is no lock-up or freezing. In a real sense, a free financial system has been constructed, including five major technological innovations, forming a perfect economic, social, and commercial system closed loop. Among them, the VPOS consensus mechanism, currency exchange algorithm, block wormhole, miner system, general node mining and other systems are interlocked and closely linked to form a huge self-consistent value trust network. Can accommodate unlimited individuals, business models. Compatible with any trust and transaction scenarios.

The Vast world makes all the impossible possible. If Satoshi Nakamoto opened the era of the blockchain world, then Vast established a new era for this world.

Let us witness history together with Vast.

Make Everything Possible in Vast World